JeffInDenver2002 Asks: Why Do You Hate America?

In response to a comment I made on YouTube accusing Alan Greenspan of willfully (and gleefully) misleading congress, pointing out that many of our allies are some of the most undemocratic countries on Earth, and proclaiming my astonishment that, just years after discovering that the tragedy in Iraq was enabled by lies from not just our government but also our media, the American people seem ready to go silently along with a new Middle Eastern War Рthis time in Syria, JeffInDenver2002 responded with:

Why do you hate America?

I just wanted to offer my response in the hopes that it will help some other poor soul faced with an ignorant question from an ignorant asshole like JeffInDenver2002:

See, that’s so weird you’d say that. I love America. I love the American Dream. I love the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the bravery of the founders and the millions of great American’s who have helped those documents live up to their promise. What I happen to hate it’s current foolish foreign policy, it’s disregard for those aforementioned founding documents, and even more I hate clowns like you enabling the stupidity.

This might be a little hard for you to take, but… You Are Not America. You’re just 1/300,000,000th of it. Though people like yourself have hijacked America, and have proclaimed that you’re ideas and your policies represent “Real America”. If you’re deluded and believe that, or if you’re just cynically saying it for your own political ends, I don’t know. But the result is the same in besmirching the name of America with your endless wars and wanton cockiness and self-celebrated stupidity.

You, and people like you, are giving the America that I love – the America of the Founders, of the Bill of Rights, of the Declaration to the America of the Dust Bowl, the strength that overcame the depression and whipped the vile Nazis – a bad name, and that’s what I hate. So quit confusing your monstrous stupidity with America. They’re not just not the same thing, the are polar fucking opposites.